Terms & Conditions

Rental prices

1 the disclosed prices by the addition of a period of 1, 2, 3 weeks or 1 month and longer rental.
2. they are calculated for the number of persons indicated in the description.
3. your rental is to be paid as follows: 25% on booking, the balance (75%) in the delivery of the keys.

Our prices include

1. the availability of the apartment furnished and equipped.
2. a private parking place during the rental period
3. the Serenity Pack including all supplies: water, electricity, charges rental, fees, health-bed protection disposable pack
4. access to Internet via our hotspot unlimited private and secure.

Our prices do not include

1. the rental bond. Bail fixed and required 1,000 €uros to be paid to the delivery of the keys. (check not cashed).
2. the provision of linen (sheets, towels etc...), cleaning supplies (household cleaners, SOAP, shampoo, laundry machine, fabric softener, salt regenerating and powder dishwasher, sponges etc... without this list) is not limited)
3. the rental of linen bed or toilet (service offered in option and upon prior reservation)
4. the tax (€2,50 / day/person) and € 110 for final cleaning fee.

Rental periods

1. Rental periods start at 5pm on the day of your arrival and end at 10am on the day of your departure.
2. the minimum stay is 3 nights and may extend to 1 month and more without exceeding 4 months.
3. any stay interrupted by the tenant for any reason whatsoever, cannot give rise to any refund.

Arrivals and departures

1. renters must present themselves on the leased premises in order to put the deposit, pick up the keys. A contradictory state of affairs will be drawn up to the entry in the places.
2. If the customer can't arrive at the date and in the planned hours, for any reason whatsoever, it must warn us to the: + 33 (0) 10 25 09 46 or else he will lose all rights to stay, without being able to claim any refund.
3 stay censor for some reason will not give rise to any refund. If necessary we invite our guests to take out cancellation insurance.

Late arrivals

Late arrival, planned or unplanned, we can reopen the home by appointment for the delivery of the keys. A fixed compensation of €70 uros (adjustable immediately to our agent) will be requested. We wouldn't be held responsible in the case where the customer would run outside the times usual (7/7 8: 00 to 20:00) for a few reasons whatsoever: (late flight, boat, loss of luggage, problem at the customs...)

Reception and delivery of the keys

Hospitality and the delivery of keys will be our agent in the rented apartment from 8:30 to 20:00.

Equipment of the clos of the Hermitage

1. our rentals have a list of basic equipment: furniture/beds. Covers. Pillows. Refrigerator. Cooking (plates). Necessary kitchen. Dishes. Cutlery.
2. a contradictory state of affairs will be directed to the arrival and the departure of the tenant. Any discrepancies must be notified on the technical details of the apartment during the State of the place of arrival.
3. any anomaly occurred after the departure of the agent, will be the responsibility of the tenant (maladjustment of the equipment, sink clogged,. etc..). If, after a technician, the tenant refuses to pay reparations, the invoice of intervention will be deducted from the fee.

Intake capacity

1. the capacity is 7 persons. Any occupation that would exceed the number of beds stated is strictly prohibited.


1. the premises can be used as a vacation rental. The tenant must enjoy the scene ' good father' and may not under lease or assign its rights to the contract without formal consent written the rental. For very strict applicable hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed.
2. any professional activity is prohibited in the rented premises. The tenant must comply with the rules of procedure of the building, including for the noise, the drying of linen, the cleanliness, the removal of garbage...
3. the apartments are rented until the date and time fixed in the contract. The lessee undertakes to make the leased premises in the State where they will be at the entrance.
4. the day of the arrival, the rentals will be available from 17:00. In case of arrival outside the opening hours of the offices, the tenant must inform the agent to organize his arrival. The day of departure, rentals must be vacated at 10.00, the keys to be handed over, after outgoing State of affairs to the hirer.


1. A deposit is recorded by a credit card imprint and you will be systematically asked to the delivery of the keys.  Can refuse you the entry in the places, if you do not give him this. They will be cancelled the day of your departure, minus any damage.


1. Any cancellation must be reported by registered letter or by mail and will generate the following fees:

2. Cancellation more than 45 days before the check-in Refund full 100%

3. Cancellation between 45 and 14 days before the scheduled date of your entry in the places: 25% of the rental price

4. 14 day cancellation on the scheduled date of your entry in the places: 100% of the rental price.

WARNINGAll items or personal effects belonging to the tenant, are his own responsibility. They are not covered by any insurance policy from the building, the owner-lessor, or agency representative of the owner. The tenant must make its personal insurance of his own property, and particularly with respect to the flight. In addition, the tenant will be required to make sure (if his usual contract does not) from an insurance company against the risks associated with a seasonal vacation rental: fire and water damage, both for its risks for the mobili Re leased, as well as for appeals by neighbours, and to justify at all at first request of the owner or his representative. Accordingly, the latter declines any responsibility for the use that their insurance company might exercise against the tenant in case of disaster.

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